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October 2008

A BRC fundraiser for Ronny & Donovan Drayton

Thursday, October 9
8PM, $12 advance/$15 door
@ Le Poisson Rouge,
158 Bleecker Street


*Nona Hendryx w/Felicia Collins (The CBS Orchestra/David Letterman)
*The Family Stand (The WHOLE group, with Peter Lord, V. Jeffrey Smith AND Sandra St. Victor!!!)
*Burnt Sugar w/DJ Logic
*Sophia Ramos
*The BRC Orchestra and special surprise guests!
All performing music of the Black Power movement! Much more to be announced!

Noted guitarist Ronny Drayton and his family are still being stressed to the maximum by the
New York City criminal justice system.
Ronny is fighting to prove his son’s innocence, but court is costly and eats time.

April 2008

Legal Defense Fundraiser
for Donovan Drayton
From Victim to Victory
A Musical Event to Raise Consciousness and Funds

February 22, 2008

Dovovan was indicted on six felony charges, including murder in the second degree.

November 2007

Donovan Drayton is arrested on charges of murder in the second degree Criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree - an armed felony offense
This 20-year-old young black man is being held in prison on Rikers Island for a crime he declares that he did not commit.

He has been accused of premeditated murder, and robbery. Truth be told, it all started with a marijuana sale that quickly turned into a nightmare. Having spent the last 6 months in jail on his knees in prayer, Donovan recognizes the errors of his ways. Clean, sober and repenting to God, he pleads to have this untruth of premeditated murder and robbery off his head, as he waits -in God’s light- to face the consequences of dealing with drugs and a possible 18 years in jail.

He has come so far, I am proud to report that he has raised his grades up, he has taken his G.E.D. and passed with flying colors, and he continues to win awards for his scholarly efforts. Donovan has now signed up for college as he sees through clear eyes and heart again.

However, it has been brought to my attention that there are countless young black men in jail with exaggerated or wrongly accused charges. Of course, you must suffer the consequences of the lifestyle you choose, but the punishment must fit the crime. Unfortunately the way the courts are set up does not leave any room for debate, justice or mercy. I have been visiting Donovan in jail almost every week for 6 months. I have listened and learned the truth about this dilemma in the prison system. I have known Donovan for 6 years and although I watched him make some wrong choices as a teen, there has also been times of beautiful, loving family and personal moments with this special young man on birthdays and holidays and in general. His devoted single father Ronny Drayton, a world-renowned guitarist and my long-term partner is fighting to the core of his being every day for Donovan’s life. We need your help to raise funds for legal fees so that Donovan has a fighting chance for the truth to be heard as we raise consciousness for other victims of circumstance into victory.

On some profound spiritual level Donovan is being a catalyst for change. Through his story various people are taking a look at their own shortcomings and choosing the Light ….his heart is touching others not only behind the prison walls but worldwide.

Rev. Kim Lesley Spaughton 4/4/08
Spiritual Director at A.C.I rehab nyc